Beach House Fan

Beach House Impromptu Shots

So I was at my family’s house this weekend at the beach and had just a few moments before we carried on with our afternoon plans. It was the middle of the day and there was just an abundance of light everywhere.  I took this maybe five minutes of down time to … Read More→


Breather Soho

Shoot at Breather Soho

The Contest So while I was still drafting this post I got some exciting news!  The video I created which will be discussed in more detail below won a contest for Breather. While my submission wasn’t a photo they made an exception for the video.  Here is the post about … Read More→



Instagram’s JJ Community

So recently I decided to start taking Instagram a little more seriously. I wanted further my reach and connect with some new and interesting photographers.  The biggest and best community is by far JJ.  Instagram has much more going on community wise than meets the eye. There are lots of … Read More→


Simple Tethered Shooting with Lightroom

Ok, so I’ve been seeing a lot of pros online doing tethered shooting so I thought I’d investigate this a little further.  Turns out Lightroom has tethering built in and it is as simple as plugging one’s camera into their computer with a USB cable. I just love how simple … Read More→

Ubuntu Logo

Hosting Switch to DigitalOcean

So, after some embarrassing downtime yesterday (Bluehost and Hostgator I believe were both down) I decided to switch to a different host. This was a much needed switch as a dev I can’t stand the thought of someone hitting my site and having it be down. A little convo on … Read More→


Lightroom Mobile Released

Alright so I am super excited to see that Adobe has just released the Lightroom Mobile app for iOS.  So here are all the steps needed to get mobile support setup and expand one’s desktop Lightroom catalog to the mobile app. Update Lightroom desktop application. (should show update on opening … Read More→



WordPress Contact Form Solution

I wanted a quick and easy to manage solution to add a contact form to my WordPress install. Preferably free as well. With some research and some scanning of I use a combination of two plugins from the same developer, Contact Form 7 and Flamingo. Contact Form 7 handles … Read More→