Weekly Vlogs

In an effort to make sure I explore the city more often I have set a goal to video blog (vlog) weekly about places I go to photograph and anything similarly related. I also haven’t done any heavy video editing in my past so this a new and fun challenge … Read More→


LIC Waterfront Night Shooting

Yesterday evening between 8:15 and 9:15 I grabbed my camera and tripod and headed down to the LIC waterfront to take a first stab at some serious night shooting. I was a bit gung-ho and wanted to get the Manhattan shots right away. However, I arranged my photos to introduce the … Read More→

Murrells Inlet Marsh Sunset

Murrells Inlet Marsh Photos

I was recently in South Carolina for a wedding after which the whole wedding group headed to Murrells Inlet.  So always armed with my camera near by in the middle of a dinner with everyone at a restaurant called Wicked Tuna two awesome things happened.  First there was an awesome … Read More→

Battery Grip

Battery/Vertical Grip

I had the wonderful opportunity to do some shoot a wedding.  With the wedding preparations I wanted to be sure I would be able to quickly take a diverse range of images and not worry about batteries. To accomplish both of these goals I purchased a Vello BG-C5.2 Battery Grip for … Read More→

Beach House Fan

Beach House Impromptu Shots

So I was at my family’s house this weekend at the beach and had just a few moments before we carried on with our afternoon plans. It was the middle of the day and there was just an abundance of light everywhere.  I took this maybe five minutes of down time to … Read More→


Breather Soho

Shoot at Breather Soho

The Contest So while I was still drafting this post I got some exciting news!  The video I created which will be discussed in more detail below won a contest for Breather. While my submission wasn’t a photo they made an exception for the video.  Here is the post about … Read More→



Instagram’s JJ Community

So recently I decided to start taking Instagram a little more seriously. I wanted further my reach and connect with some new and interesting photographers.  The biggest and best community is by far JJ.  Instagram has much more going on community wise than meets the eye. There are lots of … Read More→