30 Day Challenge Day 1

30 Day Challenge Begins

With the warm weather upon us… Wait. No, it’s still absolutely freezing in NYC. Anyway with more daylight at least in the evenings I have decided to begin 30 days of shooting daily. I am doing this not to take away images but to get into the mindset of going … Read More→


Vermont Stars

I took my first stab at shooting stars while spending a weekend in Vermont to do some snowboarding. We arrived in a town just outside of Killington on a crisp and very cold night. Ideal conditions and a clear sky for some star shots. For my first attempt I would … Read More→


Pingdom Free Monitoring

This is just a super quick note that you can add a very basic level of monitoring for you website through a free pingdom account. This basically can track two things.  Server response whether your server is running and returning content and Real User Monitoring (RUM) which will alert you … Read More→


New Year, Fresh Start

Videos & Blogs I have many things I would like to accomplish and am hitting the ground running. The main thing is content production which covers a vast array of things.  I would like to be blogging, vlogging and photographing regularly.  Blog posts once or twice a week and a video … Read More→



Weekly Vlogs

In an effort to make sure I explore the city more often I have set a goal to video blog (vlog) weekly about places I go to photograph and anything similarly related. I also haven’t done any heavy video editing in my past so this a new and fun challenge … Read More→


LIC Waterfront Night Shooting

Yesterday evening between 8:15 and 9:15 I grabbed my camera and tripod and headed down to the LIC waterfront to take a first stab at some serious night shooting. I was a bit gung-ho and wanted to get the Manhattan shots right away. However, I arranged my photos to introduce the … Read More→

Murrells Inlet Marsh Sunset

Murrells Inlet Marsh Photos

I was recently in South Carolina for a wedding after which the whole wedding group headed to Murrells Inlet.  So always armed with my camera near by in the middle of a dinner with everyone at a restaurant called Wicked Tuna two awesome things happened.  First there was an awesome … Read More→

Battery Grip

Battery/Vertical Grip

I had the wonderful opportunity to do some shoot a wedding.  With the wedding preparations I wanted to be sure I would be able to quickly take a diverse range of images and not worry about batteries. To accomplish both of these goals I purchased a Vello BG-C5.2 Battery Grip for … Read More→