30 Day Challenge Images

So a 30 day challenge took me 49 days to actually complete.  This turned into less of take a photo every single day. It evolved into create a body of work that I am proud of; 30 rock solid images (I speak more about why I’m ok with this here). This was one of the best things I’ve done for my photography yet. Just having a goal set pushed me to go out and take images when I could. The frequency of shooting also leads to more experimentation to keep things interesting. More will always be accomplished when a goal or anything that is measurable exists. This takes creation from being opened ended to black and white. Something was created, an image was made or not; I still have X left to be done or I have quit. Don’t quit.

While a concrete goal exists that doesn’t take creativity away. It commits one to the act of creating. It is the act of creating that leads to new things by definition. In working towards my goal I was exploring ways of taking images I wouldn’t have otherwise. Even trying new genres of photography I had never done before. This is great way to find what really gets the excitement going. I found my stride in Street Photography and mainly changing my focus to people as subjects.

Moving forward I plan on doing challenges similar to this and have started compiling a list of things I should be trying to do every single day. Create something new everyday. Flex those creative muscles and challenge to push further than thought to be possible. Go create something everyday for 30 days starting now!

In Summary

Started March 23, 2015
Completed May 12, 2015

49 Days/ 7 Weeks

Body of work created: https://instagram.com/explore/tags/st30days/