Yes I know this is yet another development blog. Why read you may ask? I am a front-end developer who has 3 years of experience in both web design and development. My goal with this blog is to provide a resource to other designers and developers.  I plan on posting about techniques, workflow and small tips & tricks.

Also post with practicality in mind that technologies that need to be used need to be quick and easy to understand and implement.  Such a way of learning is how I work on a day to day basis.  All of a sudden a new technology have absolutely no experience with is needed and while consulting other developers is sometimes the solve. Time availability of other developers can be sparce as well as their ability to convey their understanding of a technology.  So I hope to chronical my experiences with new technologies in hopes that it will help others through the process and avoid mistakes or misunderstandings I have encountered.

As my interests cover all aspects of web design and development I will be posting about all things from HTML, CSS and Javascript to PHP, MySQL and Git (or anything else I come across or just find intriguing and/or exciting).  As an audience may build I will tailor my posts to the audience and do my best to cover all topics thoroughly.  I am going to start off with providing what I have found to be some of the most valuable resources out there which I consult regularly. This includes resources such as  video tutorials, ebook, code samples, reference documentation and my favorite designers and developer to follow.