With the release of iOS7 a lot of apps have been pushing through updates in the App Store.  However, not all of these apps show up in the available updates list.  For some, and many high profile apps at that, one must navigate to them in the App Store first to update them. This looks to me like a bug.  The apps have updates available and they are not making it into my Updates list.

The standing list of the main apps I have found which this must be done for is:

  • Chrome
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Evernote
  • Skype
  • Dropbox

If anyone knows any apps where the same applies please email me at stephen@stephentvedt.com

The series of photos below shows that these apps don’t appear in the list of updates available but once you navigate to them the option to update becomes available.

A quicker way to check this would be in from the Purchased list.  So apps one already has can be quickly checked to see if there is a newer iOS 7 ready version available.

** Update: With dropbox failing to update automatically I switched off the automatic updates and voila! The app appeared in the updates list.  I did not manually update and then turned automatic updates back on again.  The app now appears to have updated… Automatically… Though that didn’t feel simpler!