Alright so everyone loves working in a CLI but here are a few way to make working in terminal a litle easier and quicker:

Navigating the Current Line
Control + A – Beginning of line
Control + E – End of line
Command + (arrow left) or (arrow right – Go to next word

Clearing the Screen and Deleting
Control + C – Creates a new line (abandoning your existing one. (also stops running processes)
Command + K – Keeps existing line but shift that line to the top of the screen for a clean view

Control + K – Clears the line from the location of the cursor to the end of the line
Control + U – Clears the entire line. (same effect as Control + C but doesn’t create new line)

Shift + ZZ – Close out string output (Useful when viewing things such as a git diff)
Control + D – Delete current character selected with cursor (delete functionality vs. backspace)