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Alright. So after a very long time of not blogging. I am going to try and take a second and more thorough stab at this.

So in recent news, I was just promoted to Senior UI Developer at my company (Spies & Assassins). I am super excited to take on this new role. This will allow me to help provide more oversight on project and allow me to further help make our workflow for front-ends continue to improve. We also recently hired a some Junior Devs who have been absolutely awesome to work with and help them learn new things! They are all super smart and eager to learn more and more each day! That is what it takes to make it as a successful developer so they all have bright futures ahead of them with Spies.

The Blog

My blog is also in the process of being promoted so I would like to put in writing what I hope to accomplish. I want to be blogging multiple times a week and start blogging about all the things I’m super passionate about. That will include mainly photography which I’ve been doing a lot more of lately as well as some stuff about my cycling. Cycling as I have recently finally gotten my road bike to NYC and hope to get some racing in this 2014 season!

I have been playing around with how I have blog setup and am organizing everything under three major categories.  Announcements (for post like this), Web and Photography.  I did create a static homepage for the time-being but that may just go back to a blog role.  Also expect to see an About and Contact page.

The big decision I have yet to make is whether or not I want to roll my portfolio of work into WordPress or just keep all of that segmented out. As it stands my portfolio is a single page with a bunch of linked images to all of my projects and some videos of motion graphic work I created in college. The goal is to integrate my photography work and some video editing as well. So first step determine if it is going to live in WordPress or not. Then the second step will be to design and build based around that decision.


Don’t expect anything too personal to be posted here about my life.  There will be some overlap of the places and people I photograph posted to this blog.  However, I still feel that some things are best left unpublished to the world.