west-village-032014I was able to finally get some proper shooting in with my real camera during the break from the cold weather in NYC. After work on Thursday (3/20/2014) I just walked up through the West Village along 7th Ave up to around West 4th Street. This was a super quick shoot just trying to find some shots where I could in the 30 minutes I was walking around.

I was out with about two hours of daylight left and there was spotty cloud cover which made good lighting both tricky to find and very fun to work with. My favorite shot which came out of the changing light was this which I noticed and had to walk back into the street to catch. The contrast of the hard shadows and dark building on the left side of the street versus the brighter lit building on the left I think came together nicely. Along with my shadow which was my first “bad shot” and I corrected to remove my shadow from the frame but liked this better as I felt it gave the composition a stronger subject with the street as the background as may be seen here: Picture on Flickr

When the sun was up and lit buildings nicely the clouds provided a much more engaging and interesting background. I feel it added much needed depth and contrast which worked wonders in this black and white shot: Picture on Flickr

I had a few more miscellaneous street shots of things I thought would make interesting photos: View the Full Flickr Album