Ubuntu LogoSo, after some embarrassing downtime yesterday (Bluehost and Hostgator I believe were both down) I decided to switch to a different host. This was a much needed switch as a dev I can’t stand the thought of someone hitting my site and having it be down. A little convo on twitter had me fuming when someone pointed out they couldn’t access an article I had shared. So I now find myself using DigitalOcean per the suggestion of Jeff Gray and I absolutely love it so far.

They are not your typical hosting company though. I have my WordPress setup on what DigitalOcean calls a ‘Droplet’ which is a SSD server with the specs one desires. There is a wide array of options and even some presets for common products like WordPress. The kicker is that this is an unmanaged server so it’s all on the user to maintain and set things up. This is great for a developer because they have full control over everything.

As a front end guy I am not entirely familiar with everything. This is my first time running an Ubuntu  Server. However, I am learning as I am going after just one evening I have been able to migrate my entire WordPress site over to this new hosting. Everything is working and seems to be running fully featured. There were some walls I ran into along the way and I may follow up this post with how I managed through those. I kept my old site up with a copy on the new hosting while the DNS propagated. Things should all be shifted over.

Otherwise, I highly recommend checking these guys out. They are super inexpensive and one has full control of their stack! If I can manage to get all of this set up I’m sure others can even more easily.  Not only do I anticipate more uptime but I am already seeing much faster load times via tools.pingdom.com/fpt/.  Before on Bluehost I was averaging 2.5 to 4 second load times and tonight I am averaging 600ms to 1 second.  That is a huge improvement and that is will all the same page weight and number of requests.