Ok, so I’ve been seeing a lot of pros online doing tethered shooting so I thought I’d investigate this a little further.  Turns out Lightroom has tethering built in and it is as simple as plugging one’s camera into their computer with a USB cable. I just love how simple and clean this is: tether Open up Lightroom and go to: File > Tethered Capture > Start Tethered Capture, type in a Session Name and choose where to save the photos. A new control panel will appear with a shutter button for the tethered camera and a display of all the exposure settings.  Sadly these setting cannot be changed from Lightroom I believe tethering with the Canon software will allow for that control. This is a super quick way to get tethering and a clean route to keep things within one’s Lightroom workflow (as that is how I manage all of my photography).  So after taking a photo there will be a short delay from the shot to appearing in Lightroom. The new panel for tethering is shown below: tether-lightroom It’s great having all of one’s shots on a nice big display with the histogram up and the ability to zoom in on detail.  If working on HDR with multiple exposures this works very nicely. Keep in mind for HDR one will want to have auto-bracketing in place so absolutely no touching of the camera is necessary between exposures. I also don’t have a remote trigger either so that’s a good way to keep things nice and still if I am shooting in low light as well. Overall this setup is easy to get setup immediately with only a USB cable needed. If shooting handheld one will definitely want something like a JerkStopper.  On a tripod I usually can get away without a JerkStopper but it doesn’t hurt to have this little anchor.