The Contest

Breather SohoSo while I was still drafting this post I got some exciting news!  The video I created which will be discussed in more detail below won a contest for Breather. While my submission wasn’t a photo they made an exception for the video.  Here is the post about it on the Breather Blog.

Breather is a service that allows people to rent a workspace for short periods of time. So after discovering the new service I decided to check out one of their locations. I did so with the free hour I was given from signing up. I had also seen they were holding an Instagram contest. As a hobbyist photographer with no particular purpose to my photography besides exploration I took this as a new assignment for me to tackle. The contest was pretty open ended as it was just to include photos of a visit to a Breather space. I was confined to shooting just this room in an hour.

The Shoot

I started off shooting the space as a whole both with the gopro connected to the gopro app (to frame my shots) and with my Rebel T3i. I didn’t freshly charge my gopro and the second battery I had was low. Luckily I have three so my first battery shot all my video getting there and the third one finish things out. My number two battery was completely dead as well oops!

After capturing the space with wide focal lengths I then started to look for smaller details to focus on. From the glass measuring flask the pens and pencils were held in to the plants on the window sill even down the to structure between the legs of the chairs. The space was intimate and there was still some daylight giving me a nice diffused light to work with until the sun started to set. Also the walls were a bit off-white and gave a nice warm tone to the shots which fits the intimacy again of the space. I found myself drawn to the book rack on the wall and took a ton of shots but only ended up with maybe two shots I’m proud of. My best shots of the area may be seen here: Flickr Album

The Video

I hadn’t shot much with the GoPro recently so I knew I wanted to do a short POV style video but not particularly for the contest which was more photo centric. So I just edited a short 15 second video of my getting to the Breather Soho location. I haven’t done a lot of video editing so I want to keep my projects very small. This allows me to just dabble in the basics of my software and see a project through all the way to its completion. The 15 second clip i ended up with took a few hours to make. From finding royalty free music to selecting footage and reducing all of that down to a mere 15 seconds.  I found the background music at Free Music Archive. The final result ended up as follows: Breather Short on Instagram