IBattery Grip had the wonderful opportunity to do some shoot a wedding.  With the wedding preparations I wanted to be sure I would be able to quickly take a diverse range of images and not worry about batteries. To accomplish both of these goals I purchased a Vello BG-C5.2 Battery Grip for $68 from B&H.  The grip allows one to shoot vertical shots and with a duplicate set of the main controls (shutter, main dial, exposure lock, AF points and exposure comp.).  This came in very handy when shooting as working these controls can otherwise be cumbersome. Also, the light was low in the church and I was to keep my arms framed solidly with the added grip.

So extended controls are convenient but even better was the peace of mind having extra power. Most grips allow for two camera batteries to be held in the grip. This is a nice thing to have if traveling and power might not be very accessible for charging. Also a huge thing to note is that most battery grips come with an extra tray that will support standard batteries.  If a worst case scenario happens where my camera batteries are dead I can run to a store and grab some AAs and be ready to shoot again. Otherwise an extra $45 Canon battery would  still need a charge before one can use it anyway. The additional batteries also add a decent amount of weight which I think feels great and give the camera a much different feel. I love having the grip but don’t keep it on my camera when just carrying it around or when on the move. When I put that on I’m really in photographer mode. I think it’s definitely worth at least borrowing one and trying out to wee if it is a benefit to ones workflow.

In summary:


  • Extended controls
  • Added comfort in diverse shooting situations
  • Extended battery life
  • Alternative traditional batteries can be used instead of camera specific batteries


  • Added weight and bulk
  • Yet another thing in the gear bag (a pro to many)