In an effort to make sure I explore the city more often I have set a goal to video blog (vlog) weekly about places I go to photograph and anything similarly related. I also haven’t done any heavy video editing in my past so this a new and fun challenge for me.  So to start off the vlog I had the opportunity to explore the TWA Flight Center and the Brooklyn Army Terminal.  I was able to go to the places for free due an annual event called Open House New York. This is a great event which offers public access in addition to guided tours with some of the architects for great buildings.  For the full list of buildings, locations and programs that were available this year check out there website which has about 150 different programs listed.

My cousin Eric came with me to photograph these two awesome spots. If you want to see more vlogs please subscribe to my channel. So here it is my first take at vlogging.  If anyone has music they would like me to feature in future videos please email me at: