Videos & Blogs

I have many things I would like to accomplish and am hitting the ground running. The main thing is content production which covers a vast array of things.  I would like to be blogging, vlogging and photographing regularly.  Blog posts once or twice a week and a video once a week with photos coming through all of the time. The videos are by far the most difficult and time consuming but I am getting quicker with more experience and practice. As I am becoming more familiar with the editing software I am putting more thought into my edits. A lot of this means thinking out my shoots ahead of time so I have the footage I need for continuity and diversity in to combine.

As far as  the videos I’ve made so far they are a bit longer coming in at 5-6 minutes but I would like to condense each video to be more easily consumable from start to finish at around 3 mins in length.  I would also like to do less speaking in my videos and let the visuals, music and editing tell my stories. Future videos will consist of vlogs, more formal projects such as photography tutorials, mini-documentaries and music videos. I am particularly interested in creating some videos for music producers as I really enjoy discover new music for my videos. If any music producers are interested let me know!


I have a few things for photography I have in mind to do in upcoming months. First off is to make some education videos to cover some of the basics of photography to get people started with more advanced shooting on their DSLRs. There are many other quick tips experiments I wish try out as well photography wise. I plan on doing at least a 30 day challenge in warmer months due to more available light. So the premise of that is I will shoot everyday for 30 days. I have yet to decide if there will be a recurring theme for the duration or if each day will be something different. I plan to accompany my progress with videos as well. Another idea that comes to mind is a challenge to shoot fully manually without reviewing photos as I shoot.

Health & Activity

I also plan of living a more active life in 2015. Too much time is spent behind computer screens and sitting at desks day and night.  On top of that, I am being much more conscientious of what I am eating. I kicked off the new year with a bout of food poisoning which was not a very good start but also made me reflect a bit on what I am eating. I plan on eating far less meat and moving towards many more fruits and vegetables. Fruits of which, were completely absent from my diet before. Also, I am not a coffee drinker but like all developers I need to get my caffeine fix from somewhere and turn to soda. I plan to completely cut soda out of my life which I have done in the past (lasted about a month).  Replacing soda with water and having no caffeine in my diet I am hoping will also lead to a better sleep pattern.

With the weather being all over the place and conditions being far less than desirable for cycling in changing what I eat is the first change I wish to make. What we consume directly impacts our quality of energy and overall emotional state. It’s not about how one feels while eating but how one feels after the food is produced into energy. With better fuel for more energy I need to start actually burning through exercise. With a better sleep pattern there is no better way to start a day then with some exercise to get the endorphins going!

Overall, I think 2015 has a lot of new, exciting and fun times to be had. Life is what one makes of it so make it count!