30 Day Challenge Day 1With the warm weather upon us… Wait. No, it’s still absolutely freezing in NYC. Anyway with more daylight at least in the evenings I have decided to begin 30 days of shooting daily. I am doing this not to take away images but to get into the mindset of going out and shooting more frequently and to practice the craft both technically and creatively. Working scene by scene one shot at a time paying attention to composition and light.

Each day I am going to post an image from the prior day regardless of whether or not I would share it normally. This will make me focus more on working shots to get better results. My fear is that on some days I won’t take the time to produce a good image which defeats the whole purpose of this exercise. The primary focus for a challenge like this is for personal growth not to come away with stunning images every day. So a huge part of this process is the reflection and review of images and self critiquing what could make images stronger.