LightroomI have been getting a big response to my photos on Flickr recently and with my 30 Day Challenge underway I’ve noticed a flaw in how Flickr/Lightroom don’t play to well together. My workflow is typically edit an image in Lightroom and publish it to Flickr via my photostream in Lightroom then post to instagram and then add titles, tags and description on flickr and publish to the public there.  So the issue I have ran into is that if Lightroom thinks any change has been made to a photo that is already on Flickr and public it will republish it and my settings are to publish as private to Flickr so I can then add titles and descriptions as I wish.  So when a photo gets republished and made private all the favorites on that photo are lost.  Losing those will prevent images that may have been on their way to making the explore page ineligible and in some cases I have had this happen even when I haven’t made any modifications to a photo. Super frustrating.

The quick solve to this problem is setting the privacy of the photos on publish to be public. I personally don’t feel comfortable doing that as I upload multiple versions/crops to Flickr for Instagram. Also the title and description can be set in the metadata of the file in Lightroom but sometimes that will change based on the audience. If that information is then changed on flickr that might pull Flickr and Lightroom out of sync and cause an unnecessary re-upload. The sure-fire way of avoiding this is to just export photos to disk and then upload those to Flickr separately. Then edit titles, descriptions, etc. on Flickr and per your audience based on the network your uploading it to (Flickr, 500px, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). So that is how I am going to proceed to prevent this from happening in the future. I though initially it was a hickup because one of my files didn’t save but that same file republished again when trying to publish just one new photo again even after no changes on the Lightroom side of the fence.