30 Day Challenge Half Way
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So I’ve made it beyond the halfway point of my 30 day challenge but have not been shooting every single day. I was out everyday for the first 10 days but did not walk away with keeper images from each day. If undertaking a similar challenge yourself do not let this be discouraging. There is always value in getting out and going through the process of capturing images and practicing the craft. Also, whenever life always takes precedence over taking images so when opportunities to be with friends and family arise take them. I rode my bike a bunch in the past three weeks and was able to take some decent photos along the way with my phone. Even when using an iPhone go through the same photographic process of working a shot and great images can still be made.

I have been trying to do more street photography which is brand new to me. Street photography being focused around people as subjects as opposed to cityscapes, still life and landscapes. I have been a bit intimidated to get as close as I need to for a good shot. My confidence level is not there yet when dealing with strangers. I am easing into and just going out in popular and busy areas to get more comfortable shooting with people around me.

Some other take aways from my first few weeks of the challge:

  • It’s alright to not shoot everyday but having a project and goal helps increase consistency and makes shooting a higher priority.
  • Have a fast lens? Great. Don’t shoot on it wide open all the time.  Focus will be missed and often shallow DoF isn’t needed to separate subject and background.
  • Monopod? Great, but if going out and it is properly night-time just take the tripod. I tried to go out shooting at night on the street with the 40mm 2.8 with now about a full stop more at that focal length and my shots were still blurry from movement.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a phone as a camera. Nothing else or quicker to catch a moment go for it.
  • Analyze images from a shoot even if they aren’t worth publishing/sharing. Reflect on what would make the images better or what could be done differently to get the keeper next time around.
  • Slow down. Think about everything and take time to check things. Just spend a few more seconds on each photo.
  • Can’t make it out to shoot? Make an image in your home See what’s available to make a scene. See if there are light sources in your home that can be explored and manipulated. (going to do another post on this shortly)

This is now three weeks into a 30 day challenge and I’ve gotten 16 images out of it. I am a little behind due to days I didn’t take photos or days which didn’t produce any images of quality. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and I have been getting out consistently. Mission accomplished.  The next challenge specific post will be a follow up when I have yielded 30 images I deem acceptable! Keep shooting.