So I have looked for and tested out a few apps for geotagging photos. I liked the capability of some but I already use an app to track my walks, runs and bike rides. So, why introduce another app? Often these apps will also need a companion app on your computer to actually connect the GPS data to any images taken.  If the app you use for fitness tracking has GPS capabilities and the ability to download a .gpx file then that is all you need. I personally use Strava which allows me to download a .gpx file through their website. The downside of a fitness app is they typically use more battery on your phone because the location information is more accurate. Most dedicated geotagging apps ping your location at set intervals (i.e. every 30 seconds) to reduce battery usage.

Geotagging in Lightroom

So now that you have a .gpx file from your GPS/Fitness app of choice hop over to the map module of Lightroom. A context menu ‘Map’ will then appear in the top bar. From there select Tracklog > Load Tracklog…  This will load the path you took into the map and find any images that match the date and timestamps of the route you took. This is where it is crucial that you remember to check your date and time settings in your camera if you change time zones.  You can also do a time shift of the photos to match up in the Lightroom Library module if they are off. Hope this is useful to those who wish to start geotagging while they photograph outside.