Experience with Tamron 70-300mm

I used this lens and jotted down some thoughts a couple years ago but did not have much experience with telephoto lenses as a basis of comparison. I now shoot on the 70-200 f/4 and still want to get my thoughts at for this budget option zoom lens.

This Tamron 70-300 is an older lens I borrowed to attempt to snag some shots at the US Open from way up in the stands.  The owner advised me to not shoot on anything over 25omm as detail will be lost.  I did a quick test at 300mm and quality and distortion did seem a little off. I was shooting all night on shutter priority with no stabilization equipment at 1/200 and higher. With a decent amount of handheld shake I noticed in camera I would lock in my frame as best I could with good form and elbows in tight and got good images as far as this shutter speed and lens stabilization went.

The biggest drawback on this lens I saw was in the autofocus in combination with the T3i. I could feel the motor and hear it was very loud.  On my T3i body, I felt like the autofocus was always just a little bit off. I tried the AF on continuous and one-shot and got refocuses on still objects multiple times. Overall I think this is a good budget zoom option but with the lack of detail at full 300mm and is no comparison to a 70-200. I would recommend this though as a travel lens for those with family and children and is only ~$140.

For full specs and to purchase find on Amazon at http://amzn.to/2vmMfj7.

Redesigned Site & Store to Come!

new-websiteIt is with great pleasure and excitement that I am announcing my redesigned website. The previous design was good but this is better! The biggest improvement is the support of e-commerce. This will allow me to sell prints and books as well as license images. With the update to my website all of my portfolio images have been revisited and contain my latest and greatest images. As I continue to discover my photographic taste I have, for now, is categorized into three major genres: Cityscapes, Landscapes, and Lifestyle. During the summer I have been doing a lot of beach photography but I would consider those to bridge both landscape and lifestyle.

More information about prints is going to be coming in the next week. In short, prints are going to be offered and available for pre-order in mid to late September. All prints will be available in a variety of size from a professional lab on high-quality paper. Offering preorders will allow me to more expediently get people their prints and offer a wider range of sizes to fit everyone's needs. This is a new endeavor for me and a fun challenge at that. I am looking forward to sharing my work with everyone in a tangible format.

Look forward to a lot more content coming on my social platforms and this blog. Another update to my approach to the content I plan on creating is coming soon! Lastly, I would just like to thank everyone who has been supporting me and providing their thoughts and encouragement.

Lavallette Summer Video

So, my plans to make a video once a week in 2015 was a total bust. That being said, I will explain that I shifted my focus to photography and even completed a 30 Day Challenge. I did shoot some video during the summer, though it was only GoPro footage. That being from about two days of the nearly every weekend we spent going to the beach. The nature of shooting with a GoPro is that you tend to only shooting action types of things so there is very little B-roll and nothing with any good quality sound. This makes the video more of a compilation than a vlog which was my intent in creating more videos.


Why Shoot Prime?

Canon 40mm Prime STMShooting on a prime lens offers some technical benefits but I believe the creative benefits to be most important. Put simply I feel that restrictions foster creativity. When I don't know what to go out and photograph I try to give myself a particular assignment. Such as, capture bicycles or interesting plays of light. Using a prime lens is just as much of a limitation but opposed to subject matter it is a technical limitation. So, rather than changing what is being shot, a prime lens changes how you shoot. To be explicit, a prime lens is a fixed focal length (I shoot on a 40mm prime). As such, going out with a prime is also a creative limitation and forces you to think about the characteristics of that focal length.

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Return to the Surf

This is a short series of images to capture my experience throughout this summer. I was finally able to get some surfing in and it was fantastic. Though, it remains the most difficult sport I've tried. I will dive further into what went into creating the series in a future blog post.

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Hard Drives and Memory Cards

Cloud Backup Trials and Tribulations

Hard Drives and Memory CardsAs all of our creative work lives on a computer which can fail we need some peace of mind. One way to do that is to have multiple copies of everything. When a catalog of images and video grows that can be difficult to maintain though. Cloud storage is a very inexpensive solution now that it has been around for a while. I tend to keep my current year's photography on two physical devices. My computer where I import all my photos and then I back that up to an external hard drive.  This however means geographically this two pieces of hardware are always next to each other. So for added peace of mind and redundancy I decided to search for an off-site back-up solution. I tried out the popular cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox but those quite simple could not keep up. Here is why they failed in my opinion and why I ended up choosing Backblaze as my go to solution.

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Now On Blogloving

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I am looking forward to putting a lot more time, energy and love into this blog. Lifestyle related posts and photo essays to come!

Photography 101 Learning Session

Every Friday at Spies & Assassins someone leads a learning session we call Spies Junction. This can be on any wide array of topics from sketching storyboards to lock picking. I mean we have to live up to our name from time to time! My contribution so far has been a course on photography.

I led a primer on a full photography workflow, Photography 101. Just enough to get someone started setting up the camera and exposing images themselves. Then once they have their image the ability to edit and share the image. How I went about doing live demos is explained further below.

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30 Day Challenge Completed

30 Day Challenge Images

So a 30 day challenge took me 49 days to actually complete.  This turned into less of take a photo every single day. It evolved into create a body of work that I am proud of; 30 rock solid images (I speak more about why I'm ok with this here). This was one of the best things I've done for my photography yet.Read more

Use a Fitness App and Lightroom to Geotag

So I have looked for and tested out a few apps for geotagging photos. I liked the capability of some but I already use an app to track my walks, runs and bike rides. So, why introduce another app? Often these apps will also need a companion app on your computer to actually connect the GPS data to any images taken.  If the app you use for fitness tracking has GPS capabilities and the ability to download a .gpx file then that is all you need. I personally use Strava which allows me to download a .gpx file through their website. The downside of a fitness app is they typically use more battery on your phone because the location information is more accurate. Most dedicated geotagging apps ping your location at set intervals (i.e. every 30 seconds) to reduce battery usage.

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